Born in Malaysia and proud of it, we celebrate the fact that Malaysia enjoys an abundant bounty of fruits all year long. Given this, we believe that the delectable taste and health benefits of these fruits should be available and accessible to everyone. Big Juiceee celebrates the great array of tropical fruits in Malaysia by making them the superstars.


After months of R&D, we came up with the perfect blends for our deliciously tasty and healthy juices, smoothies and fruit-teas. Each of our drinks contains at least 3-5 servings of fruits and vegetables, which is a big step toward the recommended 8 servings daily.

 The Big Juiceee brand began to expand its brand recognition and being a favourite healthy fruit juice brand by offering a diversified menu that keeps to the taste of ever growing and demanding consumer power in the market.

With the mission of providing healthy juice to all, the team began its exploration of creating healthy juice from the rich tropical fruits available.

The Big Juiceee brand tagline “Good Health For All” is about giving every customer the opportunity to experience natural and fresh fruits & vegetables with affordable price.