About Us



Juiceee Malaysia is a Malaysian home-grown juice bar chain established in 2014 with a network of 15 outlets across Malaysia serving healthy juices to the ever-growing need of healthy lifestyle. With the mission of providing healthy juice to all, the team began its exploration of creating healthy juices from the rich tropical fruits available.

To further strengthen its position in the industry, Juiceee Malaysia was incorporated into the Big Onion Group in early 2018 as part of a strategy expansion and now renamed as Big Juiceee.

The Big Onion Group which also consists of Big Onion Catering and Big Kitchen. They have been in the F&B business of providing premium catering services to well-established clientele for more than 13 years including BMW, Citibank, HP, Sime Darby to name a few. Meanwhile, the Big Onion Catering is appealing to all segment market in the country as it is Halal and ISO-certified catering service.

The Big Onion Catering has a remarkable track record in the catering service including securing prestigious awards like The Star Outstanding Business Awards (2017) and The BrandLaurette SMEs Best Brands Awards (2017). The founder of Big Onion Group – Liang Foo Kuan is hoping to continue to boost excellence in quality of food, offering new and exciting standards within the F&B catering industry.

As part of the Big Onion Group, Big Juiceee will be an important asset to compliment the subsidiaries within the Group and to continue to provide fresh fruit juices to customers at its outlet and the same time leveraging on untapped new market through Big Onion Catering and Big Kitchen.

Big Juiceee is hoped to further propel into a new market segment and at the same time continue to sustain its positioning in the fresh juice business market segment.


The Big Juiceee brand tagline is ‘Good Health for All’ and it is all about giving every customer the opportunity to experience natural fresh fruits and vegetables at an affordable price.

Big Juiceee comes in a bright funky colour to portray its refreshing approach for its fresh juices. These colours will embark on a more happy and joyful presentation from Big Juiceee which includes in a wholesome new menu to cater for a delectable taste of every consumers.

With Big Juiceee drink, every customer can enjoy and experience a natural and healthy taste at any time. Every healthy treat is served to meet every taste bud where every walks of life can enjoy and savor the refreshing taste of a Big Juiceee drink.

The Big Juiceee brand will focus in creating fresh juices made from real fruits with 100% juice and low-fat yogurt ice cream. The Big Juiceee brand revolves around by creating healthy drinks from the array of tropical fruits and vegetables and turning them into delectable healthy treats for every customer.


The Big Juiceee brand will continue to live by with the BIG E’s of motivation for EXQUISITE, EXCLUSIVE and ENVIRONMENT.

  1. Big Exquisite – The Big Juiceee brand is delicate where every serving on the menu is to meet the taste buds of the customers. The Big Juiceee drinks are healthy and at the same time providing that special taste for every customer with an affordable price.

  2. Big Exclusive – To stand out among all the healthy drinks in the market, Big Juiceee brand commits to be exclusive in the brand and experience for its customers. From the preparation of every drink, at the counter, customer service to consume a healthy drink with experience.

  3. Big Environment – Every Big Juiceee drink contains fresh tropical fruits and vegetables to provide that pure and natural taste, and at the same time the serving of every cup is made from biodegradable drinking cups.

With the Big E’s of focus to sustain the Big Juiceee brand in the business, it will continue to live by its tagline of ‘Good Health for All’.